ICAR-NRRI-Regional Coastal Rice Research Station (RCRRS)
Naira, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh

ICAR-National Rice Research Institute, Cuttack has initiated steps to establish its Regional Station (Coastal Regional Rice Research Station) in the campus of one of its constituent College of Agriculture (Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU),  Naira in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh, to cater to the needs of the rice growers of coastal regions based on the approval of XII Plan EFC.This will be the third regional station of ICAR-NRRI. Looking to the research in the fragile coastal ecology with high frequency of flood and drought, the Regional Station in Naira (AP) will focus on the rice research for rainfed coastal ecosystem.


The site is 16.2 km from Srikakulam town and 16.4 km away from the seashore in coastal ecology with high frequency of flood and cyclone. The nearest railway station is Srikakulam Road, which is 7.2 km away from the site.


The ANGRAU, Guntur has demarcated and allotted 25 acres of land from Agricultural College, Naira (20 acres from Wetland block of college farm for research purpose and 5 acres in upland area for office building, staff quarters)for the establishment of Regional station at Naira.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

The MoU regarding establishment of Regional Station, land allotment, etc. has been signed between ANGRAU, Guntur and ICAR-NRRI on 15th May 2017

 Mandate of the Regional Station

  • To develop climate resilient varieties resistant/tolerant to biotic stresses suitable for coastal rice ecosystem.
  • To explore, evaluate, conserve and exchange rice germplasm.
  • To generate appropriate production and protection technologies for rice and rice based production systems suitable for coastal ecosystem for increasing and sustaining productivity and income.
  • To impart training to rice stakeholders on improved rice production technology and rice based farming systems suitable for coastal ecosystem through extension methods and tools.


The research in the NRRI Regional Station, Naira will be carried out with multi-disciplinary approach involving Plant Breeder, Agronomist, Soil Scientist, Entomologist, Plant Pathologist and Extension Scientists. Regional Station is proposed to be strengthened by 10 scientific, 15 technical, 5 administrative and 20 skilled supporting staff to meet the mandate of the station.

Present status

  • One Principal Scientist of Crop Protection Division, ICAR-NRRI Cuttack has been designated as In-charge of Regional Station, Naira to carry out daily activities of research programme.In due course of time, with the creation of facilities for research, other scientists will be stationed in Naira.
  • Process for registration of lease deed and approval of the Government of Andhra Pradesh regarding land transfer is in process.


  • Eight varieties including high yielding, aerobic, drought tolerant, high protein and irrigated conditions was conducted in Kharif 2017 season for seed multiplication and popularization of ICAR-NRRI varieties.
  • One trial from Crop Production Division regarding estimation of Nitrogen curve in coastal ecosystem was laid out in Kharif 2017.
  • Monitoring and survey for insect pests, diseases and weeds of rice was carried out from Kharif 2017 in coastal ecosystem the zone.