NRRI library established in 1948 with a few books and journals for the research community to carry out the mandate of the organization has grown into what it is today – with all modern facilities for storage, organization and dissemination rice and related information. It is one of the premier Libraries under ICAR catering to the needs of scientists and scholars.

It is a well-stacked Library having OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) of its holdings (more than fifty thousand) of research documents in print, digital and online form for serving scientific community. The resources can be accessible at all the Departments in the Institute through LAN. A well set up computer-pool is established to use Library resources, browsing various websites of Agri-rice fields through Internet, Online databases and Online Journals. Circulation of books and documents is carried out using the Bar-code technology which is quite effective & efficient.

The foreign and national periodicals are subscribed to keep track of the current scientific/ technical developments. Besides, there are books and volumes of bound journals, bulletins, theses, CD-ROMs, and reprints. The Library also provides Internet browsing, old documents, reference literature, photocopying services, printing and scanning facility to the students, scientists and research workers of NRRI and other sister Institutes, SAUs and research organizations. The plan and policies for the major procurements and management issues of library are monitored by LAC (Library Advisory Committee).  Officer in Charge Library Services looks after day to day work and management and besides routine purchases.
Library Collection

NRRI library develops collection with the objective to enrich the knowledge of the NRRI research community through books, journals, CD-ROMs, e-journals, and online databases.

The Library has a collection of over 10,000 scientific  books in the area of Agricultural biotechnology, Plant genetics, Plant Physiology, Bioinformatics, Climate change, soil science & Social Sciences and related subjects based on selection by scientists and Students of NRRI Library.
Print Journals

NRRI library is subscribing 24 Print Journals for the academic and research needs of the NRRI research community.
Online Journals

NRRI library access more than 2000 e-journals in full-text through Consortia of e Resources in Agriculture (CeRA) especially for the academic and research needs of the NRRI research community. The library has more than 20,000 bound volumes.

The Library has 250 CDs/DVDs on Books, statistical data, encyclopedias, dictionaries, reports, annual reports of different institute.
Hindi Books Collection

The Library has built up a good collection of books in Hindi. Books in Hindi include books on various subjects as well as books on literature in Hindi. Books in Hindi are prominently kept in separate rack to promote its usage.
Reprography service

The library has a fully equipped reprographic/photographic section. Photocopying services are provided through efficient photocopying machines on payment at the rate of Rs.1.00 per page is charge from the students and staff of NRRI.
Documentation activities
The Library was assigned the job of scanning articles from 2 Indian journals. The input was done in ISO format using WebAgris Ver 2.0 application software. During the period under report, 40 articles were scanned, processed and sent to DIPA, ICAR for inclusion in AGRIS database of FAO.
Development news in agriculture

Everyday 14 newspaper of English, Hindi and Odia were scanned and selected agriculture news were sent to the Director.
Resource Management

Binding of publications 2000 loose issues of old journals.

Library is providing WebOPAC/OPAC facility to the Scientist, Student of the institute through e-granthalaya library software.
Membership of CeRA

This library is a member of CeRA, a consortium for e-resources in agriculture, set up under NAIP, ICAR alongwith other institute and SAU libraries. Necessary services are being exchanged with the member libraries under the consortium including Document Delivery Service. The scientists and students of the institute are accessing thousands of online journals of publishers i.e. Elsevier, Springer, Taylor & Francis and Annual Review Inc. etc. being provided under CeRA.
E-mail Internet facilities

Library has been providing E-mail Internet facilities on 6 terminals to its users. This facilitates the users to access world wide information.
Consortia for e resources in Agriculture (CeRA)

A Consortium of e-Resources of Agriculture (CeRA) under NAIP has provided the access to full text articles of Springer journals, Elsevier journals (Science Direct), CSIRO journals, Taylor & Francis journals, Annual Reviews and Indian journals for all the network of ICAR Institutes.

KrishiPrabha is a full-text electronic database of Indian Agricultural Doctoral Dissertations submitted by research scholars to the 45 State/Deemed Agricultural Universities during the period 2000 to 2014. This database, listing about 7900 Doctoral Dissertations with a full text of about 6250 Dissertations has been created by Nehru Library, Ch. Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar with financial support from Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi under its National Agricultural Innovation Project.
Indian Journals
CAB Direct
CAB Direct is the most thorough and extensive source of reference in the applied life sciences, incorporating the leading bibliographic databases CAB Abstracts and Global Health. CAB Direct provides a convenient, single point of access to all of your CABI database subscriptions.
Nature and Nature Biotechnology
Digital Repository of NRRI
Digital Repository of NRRI (ICAR) collects preserves and disseminates intellectual outputs of NRRI (ICAR). Presently it archives institute Annual Reports, News Letters, Articles and Reports
e-Book Catalogue
Open Access Resources
Directory of open access books (DOAB) (e books)
INTECH (e books)
Directory of open access Journals (DOAJ) ( e journals)
Free e Books
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