Health Camp Organised at NRRI

A health camp has been organised at the institute on 29th August, 2018. Dr J.Pani, Medical Officer of this institute and the medical team of Agarwal Eye Hospital, Cuttack provided their support for organising free health check-upcamp. The staff members,pensioners and their family members availed the medical facilities. In addition to eye check-up, different tests and health check-up such as blood sugar, uric acid, micro albumin, haemoglobin estimation, pulmonarytest have been conducted. Besides that, Vascular study for cardiac chamber, arterial stiffness, peripheral blood pressure, BMD for bone mineral calcium, low backache cause, neuropathic camp, Lipid profile were done. The programme wasorganised in association with HDFC Bank, Cuttack. Dr J.N.Reddy, I/c Director graced the occasion. Dr J.Pani, Medical Officer briefed about the functions and importance of the camp. The Programme was organised successfully with overall supervision of Shri B.K.Sahoo, Head of the Office and Shri S.K.Das, Finance & Accounts Officer of the institute.