Externally Funded

Ongoing Externally Aided Projects (EAPs)

SL. No. Project No. TITLE PI & Co-PIs Source of Funding
1 EAP 27 Revolving fund scheme for seed  production of upland rice varieties at CRURRS, Hazaribag NP Mandal AP Cess
2 EAP 36 National Seed Project (Crops) RK Sahu, RP Sah, P Sanghamitra NSP
3 EAP 49 Revolving fund scheme for breeder seed production RK Sahu, RP Sah, P Sanghamitra NSP/Mega seed
4 EAP 60 Front line Demonstration under Macro-Management scheme of Ministry of Agriculture – New High Yielding Varieties Y Kumar DAC
5 EAP 100 Seed Production in Agricultural Crops RK Sahu, RP Sah, P Sanghamitra ICAR
6 EAP 130 All India Network Project on Soil Biodiversity – Biofertilizers D Maiti ICAR
7 EAP 139 AICRP on energy in agriculture and agro-based industries PK Guru, NT Borkar AICRP (DRET-SET/ DRET-BCT)
8 EAP 140 Intellectual Property Management and Transfer/ commercialization of agricultural technology under National Agricultural Innovation Fund (NAIF) BC Patra ICAR
9 EAP 141 DUS Testing of Rice and documentation B C Patra PPV&FRA
10 EAP 161 Monitoring of the new initiative of “Bringing Green Revolution to Eastern India (BGREI) under the Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana” H Pathak, BB Panda DAC, GOI
11 EAP 178 National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture Sudhanshu Shekhar NICRA (ICAR)
12 EAP 189 Front Line Demonstrations under NFSM NC Rath DAC – DRR (NFSM)
13 EAP 195 Artificial induction of chlamydospore in Trichoderma sp. and identification of genes expressed during the process HK Swain (AK Mukherjee) DST Inspire
14 EAP 197 Consortia research platform (CRP) on bifortification K Chattopadhyay, S Samantaray, M. Chakraborty, A Kumar, N Basak, LK Bose, A Poonam, N Umakant ICAR Plan-CRP
15 EAP 198 Incentivizing Research in Agriculture: Study of rice yield under low light intensity using genomic approaches L Behera, MJ Baig, A Kumar, SK Pradhan, S Samantaray, N Umakant ICAR Plan
16 EAP 199 Incentivizing Research in Agriculture: Towards understanding the C3-C4 intermediate pathway in Poaceae and functionality of C4 genes in rice MJ Baig, P Swain, L Behera, Gaurav Kumar, A Kumar, K Alimolla ICAR Plan
17 EAP 200 Incentivizing Research in Agriculture: Genetic modifications to improve biological nitrogen fixation for augmenting nitrogen needs of cereals U Kumar, P Panneerselvam ICAR Plan
18 EAP 201 Incentivizing Research in Agriculture: Molecular genetic analysis of resistance/tolerance to different stresses in rice, wheat, chickpea and mustard including sheath blight complex genomics M K Kar, L Behera, A Mukherjee, S Aravindan, NP Mandal, S Samantaray, M Azharudheen ICAR Plan
19 EAP 203 Strategic development of water utilization in rice production system for higher crop and water productivity and profitability BB Panda, P Swain, SK Pradhan, L Behera, R Tripathi CRP – water (ICAR)
20 EAP 204 CRP on Agro biodiversity: PGR Management and Use of Rice (Component & II) BC Patra, G P Pandi, AK Mukherjee, K Chakraborty CRP –Agrobiodiversity (ICAR)
21 EAP 207 Conservation agriculture for enhancing the productivity of rice based cropping system in Eastern India AK Nayak, R Tripathi, B Lal, BB Panda, M Shahid, P. Gautam, S Munda, S Saha, SK Mishra, SD Mohapatra, P Guru, R Khanam CAP – ICAR
22 EAP 209 CRP on hybrid technology RL Verma, JL Katara CRP – ICAR
23 EAP 210 Fine mapping and identification of candidate gene/QTL for brown plant hopper resistance in rice cultivar, Salkathi P Patnaik, (L Behera) DST Inspire
24 EAP 211 CRP on molecular breeding M K Kar, L Behera, G P Pandi, A Mukherjee, M Chakraborti, N Umakanta, S Aravindan, P C Rath CRP – ICAR
25 EAP 213 Maintenance, characterization and use of EMS of upland variety Nagina 22 for functional genomics in rice – Phase II M K Kar, P Swain, AK Mukherjee, M Chakraborti, S Saha DBT
26 EAP 217 Development of high yielding, water and labor saving rice varieties for dry direct seeded aerobic conditions utilizing recent discoveries on traits, QTLs, genes and genomic technologies A Anandan, S Sarkar, SK Dash DBT
27 EAP 220 Delivering food security on limited land (DEVIL) AK Nayak, M Shahid, R Tripathi, B Mondal, SD Mohapatra, H Pathak, P Bhattacharyya Min. Earth Science, GOI
28 EAP 223 Marker-assisted introgression of yield-enhancing genes to increase yield potential in rice L Behera, M K Kar, SK Dash, SK Pradhan, N Umakanta DBT
29 EAP 227 Creation of seed hub for increasing indigenous production of pulses in India DR Sarangi, T R Sahoo, M Chourasia, RK Mohanta DAC & FW
30 EAP 228 Increasing productivity and sustaining the rice-based production system through farmer FIRST approach SK Mishra, B Mondal, SK Pradhan, S Saha, PK Nayak, S Lenka, R Tripathi, NT Borkar, G Prasanthi, M Sivashankari, Lipi Das, GC Acharya, SC Giri ICAR-Farmer FIRST
31 EAP 229 Phenomics of moisture deficit stress tolerance and nitrogen use efficiency in rice and wheat – Phase II P Swain, SK Das, J Meher NASF – ICAR
32 EAP 230 Developing microbial consortium for horticultural crops in rice based cropping system to promote growth, nutrient uptake and disease management in organic farming in Sikkim P Paneerselvam, U Kumar DBT (NER-BPMC)
33 EAP 233 Accelerated decomposition of rice straw using novel Trichoderma strain and its mutants A Mukherjee, T. Adak BRNS – DAE
34 EAP 234 Gene staking for submergence tolerance, bacterial blight resistance and yield potential in rice variety Swarna through classical and molecular breeding approaches SK Pradhan, S Mohapatra DST, Gov. Odisha
35 EAP 236 ICAR-CSISA collaborative project  ( phase III) – Research to quantify near and long term effects of sustainable intensification technologies at National Rice Research Institute (NRRI) R Tripathi, AK Nayak, BB Panda, M Shahid, D Chatterjee CSISA
36 EAP 239 Pyramiding and understanding the interaction of QTLs for deeper rooting and phosphorous uptake in rice (Oryza sativa L.) E Pandit, (SK Pradhan) DST (WOS-A)
37 EAP 240 Potential gene mining from salt tolerant grasses for improvement of  stress tolerance in crops C Parameswaran NASF-ICAR
38 EAP 241 Genetic improvement of hybrid rice parental lines for enhancing yield heterosis RL Verma, RP Sah, JL Katara, LK Bose, S Samantaray ASEAN
39 EAP 242 Targeting rice- fallows: a cropping system based extrapolation domain approach BB Panda, R Tripathi, AK Nayak, H Pathak STRASSA Phase III
40 EAP 243 Phenotyping based on chlorophyll fluorescence imaging under salinity-stagnant flooding stress and identification of quantitative trait loci of chlorophyll fluorescence traits in rice RK Sarkar ICAR Emeritus scheme
41 EAP 244 Validation and promotion of IPM in Rice in Tribal Region of Jharkhand S Bhagat, A Banerjee, D Maiti ICAR-NCIPM
42 EAP 245 Strategic research component of National Innovation in climate resilient agriculture (NICRA) P Swain, A K Nayak, P Bhattacharyya, K Chattopadhya, A Anandan, S Mohanty, D Chatterjee, K Chakraborty, H Pathak ICAR Net work
43 EAP 246 Raising productivity and profitability of rice-based cropping system in Odisha through rice crop manager S Saha, S Munda, BS Satapaty IRRI
44 EAP 247 Bio-efficacy evaluation of ‘Agri-BoosterTMKSi’ against major insect pests and diseases of rice M Annamalai, T Adak, GP Pandi, B Gowda, MK Yadav Noble Alchem Pvt. Ltd., Indore
45 EAP 248 Accounting green house gases (GHGs) emission and carbon flow in temporal shift of tropical mangrove to agriculture P Bhattacharyya ICAR- National Fellow
46 EAP 250 Validation and promotion of IPM in rice based cropping system SD Mohapatra, S Lenka, U  Kumar, BS Satapathy, Raghu S, G Prasanthi, S Bhagat, D Maiti, A Banerjee, SM Prasad NRRI-NCIPM
47 EAP 251 IT-enabled Self- sufficient Sustainable Seed System for Rice G A K Kumar, R K Sahu, B C Patra, B Mondal, A K Mukherjee, P Sanghamitra, R P Sah, N K B Patil RKVY, Odisha
48 EAP 252 Development and demonstration of Rice based integrated farming system for livelihood security of small and marginal farmers in coastal Odisha A Poonam, A K Nayak, S Saha, B S Satpathy, G A K Kumar, P K Sahu, K Chattapadhyay, S K Lenka, L Bose, P K Guru RKVY, Odisha
49 EAP 253 Genomics-assisted breeding for increasing yield potential and durable resistance to major biotic stresses (BPH, Blast, BB, Sheath blight) of Indian elite cultivars M K Kar, L Behera, S K Pradhan, S K Dash, L K Bose, G P Pandi, A K Mukherjee, P C Rath IRRI
50 EAP 254 Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia (CSISA)- KVK, Cuttack DR Sarangi, T R Sahoo, M Chourasia, RK Mohanta IRRI- CSISA Project
51 EAP 255 To evaluate the bio-efficacy of PII 1721 60% WG against sucking pests of rice G P Pandi G, N K B Patil, T Adak, Prasanthi G PI Industries Pvt. Ltd.
52 EAP 256 Utilization and refinement of haploid / doubled Haploid induction systems in rice, wheat and maize involving molecular and in-vitro strategies S. Samantray, N Umakanta, J L Katara, Parameswaran C, R L Verma, A Anandan, K Chattopadhaya, K Awadhesh NASF
53 EAP 257 Genetic improvement of rice for yield, NUE, WUE, abiotic and biotic stress tolerance through RNA guided genome editing (CRISPR-cas 9/ Cpf 1) N Umakanta , S. Samantray, K Awadhesh, Parameswaran C NASF
54 EAP 258 Evaluation of different formulations of Penoxsulam alone and Penoxsulam+ Cyhalofop butyl for broad spectrum weed control in rice S Saha, B S Satapathy, S Munda, D BhaduriDow Agro Sciences India Pvt. Ltd. Dow Agro Sciences India Pvt. Ltd.
55 EAP 260 Development of climate smart practices for climate resilient varieties Anjani Kumar, H Pathak, A K Nayak, S Saha IRRI
56 EAP 261 Establishment of State of Art of Pesticide Residue Analysis in Odisha for its Optimum and Safe Use T Adak, Guru Pirasanna Pandi G, Naveenkumar Patil, Basana Gowda, Raghu S, S Munda, P C Rath, Prabhukarthikeyan SR RKVY
57 EAP 262 Enhancing resilience of rice based production system to climate change A K Nayak, S K Pradhan, P Bhattacharya, M K Bag, G A K Kumar, K Chakraborty, Anjani Kumar DST
58 EAP 263 From QTL to variety: Genomics-Assisted Introgression and field evaluation of rice varieties with genes/ QTLs for yield under drought, flood and salt stress J L Katara, B C Marandi, P Swain, K Chakraborty DBT
59 EAP 264 From QTL to variety: Genomics-Assisted Introgression and field evaluation of rice varieties with genes/ QTLs for yield under drought, flood and salt stress N P Mandal, Somnath Roy, Amrita Banerjee DBT
60 EAP 265 Prospects of interactions of multistrain stress resilient beneficial phytotonic microbes and rice to improve productivity under environmental adversities (Emeritus Scientist Project) T K Dangar ICAR Emeritus scheme
61 EAP 266 A comparative study on the effect of cold and histone deacetylase inhibitor pre-treatment on the callus inducing ability in anthers of elite rice hybrids B Cayalvizhi, S Samantray N-PDF (SERB)
62 EAP 267 SPDT Transporter based identification of low Phosphorus / phytate rice to reduce the removal of phosphorus from soil and eutrophication of waterways Awadhesh Kumar SERB
63 EAP 269 Identification and mapping of QTLs / genes associated with high grain number in rice Niharika Mohanty, L Behera DST, Odisha (Biju Pattanaik Research Fellowship)
64 EAP 270 Evaluation and utilization of BPH resistant rice gene pool for multiple insect resistant traits M Jena ICAR Emeritus scheme
65 EAP 272 Strengthening entrepreneurs in marketing and export of value added agricultural products by establishing a state of art quality assessment laboratory in Odisha Sutapa Sarkar, N Basak, P Sanghamitra, T Adak, B Mondal, M Chakraborty, M J Baig, GAK Kumar, S Priyadarsani, Sivashankari M RKVY-Odisha
66 EAP 273 Introgression of saltol and Sub-1 genesinto restorer line of popular rice hybrid Ajay and Rajalaxmi through marker assisted selection J L Katara SERB, DST, Govt. of India
67 EAP 274 Bio-Bank: Production and promotion of biocontrol agents and entrepreneurship development in aspirational districts of Odisha Basana Gowda G, N B Patil, G P Pandi, Totan Adak, Prasanthi G, Annamalai M, Raghu S, Prabhukartikheyan S R, P C Rath, A K Mukherjee RKVY-Odisha
68 EAP 275 Setting up of model bio-fertilizer production unit for supply of quality bio-inoculants for rice and rice-based cropping systems in Odisha U Kumar, P Panneerselvam, Himani Priya, A K Nayak, S K Mishra, P K Nayak, Anjani Kumar, P K Guru RKVY-Odisha
69 EAP 276 Inclusive development through knowledge, innovative extension methods, networks and capacity building in Odisha Rahul Tripathi, S Samantray, G P Pandi IRRI
70 EAP 277 New high yielding rice varieties for irrigated and rainfed ecosystem through TRB S K Dash, R L Verma, J L Katara, S Sakar, Rameswar Sah, J Meher IRRI
71 EAP 278 Efficacy of Chlorantraniliprole 625g/l FS (Lumivia) for the management of stem borer and leaf folder in paddy crop N B Patil, B Gowda, Annamalai M, P C Rath E I Dupont India Pvt. Ltd.
72 EAP 279 Performance Evaluation of rice purelines and hybrids R P Sah, R L Verma, BC Patra, Raghu S, N B Patil Pan Seed Pvt. Ltd.
73 EAP 280 Impact of futuristic climate change on weed dynamics, herbicide efficacies and developing adaptive solutions for direct-seeded rice S Saha, B S Satapathy IRRI
74 EAP 281 Upgradation and validation of existing alternate energy (solar) light trap developed by ICAR-NRRI S D Mohapatra M/s Fine trap India
75 EAP 282 Application of Next-Generation breeding, Genotyping and digitalization approaches for improving the genetic gain in Indian staple crops S K Pradhan, L Behera, SK Dash, M Chakraborti ICAR-BMGF
76 EAP 283 Building climate resilience of Indian small holders through sustainable intensification and agro-ecological  farming systems to strengthen food and nutritional security A K Nayak, BB Panda, SD Mohapatra, R Tripathy, MD Shahid, S Mohanty, S Priyadarshini, S Saha, H Pathak, DR Sarangi Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO), Norway
77 EAP 284 RKVY-RAFTAAR-Agribusinees incubation G A K Kumar, B C Patra, R.K Sahu, A K Mukherjee, Sanjoy Saha, B B Panda, Narayan Borkar, M Sivashankari, B Mondal, Rameswar Saha RKVY
78 EAP 285 Early detection and estimation of biotic stresses in rice due to major insect pests and diseases using hyperspectral remote sensing from field to landscape scale S D Mohapatra, R Tripathy, U Keerthana SAC-ISRO
79 EAP 286 Bio-efficacy of triflumezopyrim 5% w/v + spinetoram 9% w/v (14% SC) and and triflumezopyrim 5% w/w + spinetoram 12% w/w(22%) WDG against yellow stem borer, leaf folder and sucking pests (BPH & WBPH) S D Mohapatra Du Pont India Pvt. Ltd.
80 EAP 287 Enhancement of reproductive stage salinity tolerance in rice K Chattopadhyay, BC Marandi, K Chakraborty, L K Bose, A K Nayak IRRI
81 EAP 288 Study and investigation of molecular mechanism of ethylene and its downstream signaling during grain filling stage in rice Sudhanshu Sekhar, L Behera DBT-RA Fellowship
82 EAP 289 Newton Bhaba virtual centre on nitrogen efficiency of whole-cropping systems for improved performance and resilience in agriculture (NEWS Project) D. Chatterjee, S Mohanty, A K Nayak, H Pathak DBT
83 EAP 290 Advance breeding technologies to speed up genetic gain, create durable resistance to biotic stresses and increase indian farmers and consumers food and nutritional security SK Pradhan IRRI-India
84 EAP 291 Attracting and Retaining Youth in Agriculture (ARYA) D R Sarangi, T R Sahoo, R K Mohanta ICAR
85 EAP 292 Paramparagat Krushi Vikas Yojana (PKVY) T R Sahoo, R K Mohanta ICAR