Crop Production

Crop Production Division

The Crop Production Divisionis engaged primarily in applied, strategic and basic research on effective and eco-friendly utilization of natural resources like soil, water, nutrient, labour, etc. Division also focuses on managing abiotic and biotic stresses for sustainability, productivity and profitability of rice production system. Divisional scientists from various disciplines such as Agronomy, Soil Science, Microbiology and Agricultural Engineering are involved in interdisciplinary research, training and extension activities in collaboration with scientists of otherdivisions of the institute and other organisations as well. Division is also involved in various national and international collaborative externally funded research and developmental projects. The division undertakes research on enhancing resource use efficiency with special emphasis on water and nutrients, resource conservation technology on rice and rice based systems,weed management, exploration of microbial technology for enhancement of production and productivity in rice and rice based systems. The division is also involved in designing, developing and evaluating rice based farming system for enhancing profitability and ensuring livelihood support. Design and development of farm machinery for small farmers, value addition and post-harvest technology,etc. is also a major area of research. Climate resilient agricultural technologies, greenhouse gas emission-mitigation and ecosystem service estimation have now become an integral part of research programme of the division. Till date more than 40 crop production technologies and more than 25 farm machineries for different ecologies have been developed and validated by the division.