Institute Technology Management Unit


The Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU) was established in 2008 under ICAR plan scheme entitled “Intellectual Property Management and Transfer/Commercialization of Agricultural Technology Scheme (Up-scaling of existing component i.e. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) under ICAR Headquarters Scheme on Management and Information Services)” funded by ICAR. The ITMU project was renamed as “National Agricultural Innovation Fund (NAIF)” with three components: Component -1 deals with ITMU activities i.e. Innovation Fund, Component-2 deals with ABI activities i.e. Incubation Fund and Component-3 deals with ARYA activities.

ITMU acts as a facilitating and supporting unit to identify the emerging technologies and to manage the IP portfolios of the institute. The unit scrutinizes and processes the cases brought before it for filing the patent applications. ITMU addresses the issues under IP regime and technology transfer as governed by the Institute Technology Management Committee (ITMC) following ICAR policy guidelines.


  • To pursue all IP protection, maintenance and transfer / commercialization related matters at the institute level following ICAR guidelines and any other administrative or policy decisions taken in ICAR from time to time.
  • To seek any specific case-to-case basis advice/ assistance from the Zonal Agro-Technology Management Centres (ZTMCs) at the zonal level or the Agro-Technology Management Centre (ATMC) at the ICAR headquarters to pursue Component1.

At the institute level, Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU) is constituted to process all IPR related issues which include:

  1. Patenting of the Institute Technology
  2. Technology Commercialization
  3. Contract Research/Consultancy related issues
  4. Copyright of Research and technical publications
  5. Unique Germplasm Registration
  6. Plant Varieties Registration-New/Extant
  7. All other IP issues

The Institute Technology Management Committee:

SI. No. Institute Technology Management Committee (ITMC) at ICAR-NRRI
1. Dr. H. Pathak
Director, ICAR-NRRI, Cuttack
: Chairman
2. Dr. O. N. Singh
Head, Crop Improvement Division, ICAR-NRRI, Cuttack
: Member
4. Dr. S.G. Sharma
Head Crop Physiology and Biochemistry Division
ICAR-NRRI, Cuttack
5. Dr. G. A. K. Kumar,
Principal Scientist & PI, NAIF
Social Science Division
ICAR-NRRI, Cuttack
: Member
6. Dr. P. Swain, Principal Scientist,
ICAR-Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, Bhubaneswar
: Member
7. Dr. Mayabini Jena,
Principal Scientist & Chairman, PME Cell,
Head, Crop Protection Division, ICAR-NRRI, Cuttack
: Member
8. Dr. B.C. Patra, Principal Scientist &
Officer-in-Charge, ITMU
ICAR-NRRI, Cuttack
: Member Secretary

Patents filed/granted:
1) Alternate Energy Light Trap (Light trap assembly)
2) A multi-use composition for biocontrol of plant pathogen infestation, growth enhancement
and uses thereof.
3) Production and formulation of entomofungal pathogen Beauveria bassiana TF6 to control rice
leaf folder, Cnaphalocrosis medinalis.
4) Formulation of fungal entomopathogen metarhizum anisopliae TF19 to control rice leaf

5) Formulation of bacterial entomopathogen Bacillus Thuringiensis TB263 to control
rice leaf folder.
6) Formulation of bacterial entomopathogen Bacillus Thuringiensis TB160 to control rice leaf

7) Method for Albino free shoot regeneration in rice through anther culture

8) Formulation of bacterial entomopathogen Bacillus Thuringiensis TB161 to control rice leaf


9) Formulation of bacterial entomopathogen Bacillus Thuringiensis TB261 To control

rice leaf folder

Plant Varieties:

A total of 49 plant varieties were filed with PPV & FRA, New Delhi, Out of which 25 Varieties were already got registered and others are under final stages of registration.

Unique Plant Germplasms:

A total of 17 unique germplasms were already registered with NBPGR, New Delhi.

Technology Transferred/MoUs Signed

A total of 44 MoUs/MoAs/Consultancy projects were signed with the private companies for commercialization of ICAR-NRRI Technologies and more the Rs.2.0 crores of revenue was generated.

For Further Information Contact:

1) Dr. H. Pathak
Director & Chairman, ITMU
ICAR- National Rice Research Institute,

Cuttack – 753006, Odisha.

Phone: +91-671-2367757; PABX: +91-671-2367768-783
Fax: +91-671-2367663
Email: [email protected] | [email protected]

2) Dr. B. C. Patra
Institute Technology Management Unit
ICAR- National Rice Research Institute,

Cuttack – 753006, Odisha

Email: [email protected]
Ph: 8249957980