ICAR Institutes–SAU–State Departments Interface Meet Organized


ICAR Institutes–SAU–State Departments Interface Meet Organized

An “ICAR Institutes–SAU–State Departments Interface Meet” for Odisha was organized by ICAR-NRRI, Cuttack virtually on 22nd September, 2021. Chairing the meet, Dr. Pawan Kumar Agrawal, Vice-Chancellor, OUAT, Bhubaneswar said that Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT), ICAR Institutes of the state, its regional centres, 33 Krishi Vigyyan Kendras (KVKs) and state line departments like agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, fisheries, soil conservation, forestry, watershed etc. are complementary to each other and should work hand-in-hand in convergence to address the problems of the farming communities and transfer relevant farm technologies more efficiently and timely. These research organizations have high yielding varieties of all types of crops suitable for the state and abundant proven technologies for the farming communities and industries with ability to mitigate the adverse effects of climate changes. He advised the research stakeholders to prepare a document on such technologies and share with line departments for their proper dissemination to reach ultimate clienteles.

Director of the Institute and Convener Dr. Dipankar Maiti briefed about the objectives of holding the meet in the beginning of the programme and shared the technologies developed by the institute. He emphasized on growing multi-stress tolerant and bio-fortified rice varieties developed suiting to the state ecologies. Altogether fourteen technological presentations were made from fourteen R&D organizations of Odisha representing various commodities and crops like, rice, pulses, horticulture, tuber crops, fish, animals, birds, water, women and soil conservation.

The meet was attended by over forty participants including Dr. Tapas Kumar Mishra, (Dean of Research, OUAT); Dr. Prasannajit Mishra (Dean of Extension Education, OUAT); Dr. Atmaram Mishra (Director, ICAR-IIWM); Dr. R.P. Singh (Director, ICAR-DFMD); Dr. Anil Kumar (Director, ICAR-CIWA); Dr. G.C. Acharya (Head, ICAR-CHES); Dr. J.K. Sundaray (Head, ICAR-CIFA), Dr. C.K. Beura (Head, ICAR-DPR); Dr. K. Laxminarayan (Principal Scientist, ICAR-CTCRI); Dr. D.C. Sahoo (Head, ICAR-IISWC); Dr. Sunil Sunani (Scientist, ICAR-IIPR); Dr. S.K. Khatua (Jt. Director, Soil Conservation, Odisha); and Dr. A.K. Sahu (Jt. Director, Agriculture, Odisha), apart from all Heads of Divisions and invited scientists of the institute.

At the outset of the meet, Dr. GAK Kumar, Head, Social Science Division & Coordinator of the meet welcomed the guests and delegates and moderate the programme. At the end, Dr. S.K. Mishra, Principal Scientist offered vote of thanks.

Dr. Pawan Kumar Agrawal, VC, OUAT and Chairman (at the Centre) of the Interface Meet addressing the participants

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