Research Bulletins

SL. No. TITLE Month/Year
1 Energy Footprints of Rice Production – SP Patel, PK Guru, NT Borkar, M Debnath, B Lal, P Gautam, Anjani Kumar, D Bhaduri, D Chatterjee, M Shahid, R Tripathi, AK Nayak and H Pathak Apr-18
2 Nutrient Management for Enhancing Submergence Tolerance in Rice – Priyanka Gautam, B Lal, AK Nayak, R Tripathi, M Shahid, MJ Baig, S Maharana, R Raja, BB Panda, S Mohanty, D Chatterjee, PK Guru, U Kumar Oct-17
3 Placement of Urea Briquettes in Lowland Rice: An Environment-friendly Technology for Enhancing Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency – AK Nayak, SangitaMohanty, Dibyendu Chatterjee, PK Guru, B Lal, M Shahid, Rahul Tripathi, Priyanka Gautam, Anjani Kumar, Pratap Bhattacharyya, BB Panda and Upendra Kumar Apr-17
4 Stagnant Flooding Tolerance in Rice: Endeavours and Achievements – RK Sarkar Dec-16
5 Impact of Climate Resilient Varieties on Rice Productivity and Ensuring Food Security in Coastal Area of Eastern India – Krishnendu Chattopadhyay, SukantaGayen, Ismail Mondal, Sumanta Kumar Mishra, Arup Kumar Mukherjee, BishnuCharanMarndi, OnkarNath Singh and Ramani Kumar Sarkar May-16
6 System of Rice Intensification: A Critical Analysis- B Lal, AK Nayak, Priyanka Gautam, R Tripathi, M Shahid, BB Panda, P Bhattacharyya and KS Rao Apr-16
7 Climate-Smart Resource Conservation Technology (CRCT) for Lowland Rice Ecologies in Eastern India – P Bhattacharyya, AK Nayak, M Din, B Lal, R Raja, R Tripathi, S Mohanty, Md. Shahid, A Kumar, BB Panada, S Munda, P Gautam and T Mohapatra Apr-14
8 Submergence Tolerance in Rice : Biophysical Constraints, Physiological Basis and Identification of Donors-R.K. Sarkar, KrishanKaveri Das, Debabrata Panda, J.N. Reddy, S.S.C. Patnaik, B.C. Patra and D.P. Singh Apr-14
9 Cropping System Research under Rainfed and Irrigated Rice Ecology-K.S. Rao, SanjoySaha, B.B. Panda, A. Poonam and A. Ghosh Mar-12
10 Botanical-based Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) for Rice Pest Management-With emphasis on Tribal Farming System (Mayabini Jena) Mar-12
11 Major Weeds of Rice– SanjoySaha, K.S. Rao May-11
12 Major Invasive Weed of Coastal Odisha – SanjoySaha, K.S. Rao Mar-11
13 Weed Management in Rice – SanjoySaha, K.S. Rao May-07